Our philosophy has always been based on the premise that any scientific problem will always have a solution.

Our business success is gained through technological innovation and new inventions.

New ideas start with an analysis of the problem that is backed up by facts that are generated through our staff's years of polymer expertise.

ATDP believes that we are living in a fast moving age of invention. Today's technologically savvy citizen cannot imagine living without a computer or the internet. A 3 year-old child already knows how to operate a computer and effectively use it even it is only playing games. Anybody who thinks that the advancement of science has slowed will be left behind in this new age of scientific renaissance. This new era introduces new challenges and new demands for growing businesses. ATDP understands these challenges and the new market demands. ATDP develops unique approaches to resolving scientific problems. ATDP creates unique ways for new applications of plastics that add value to customers and benefit our society. Plastics are universally used and can be seen in many aspects of our lives whether it is creating automobiles that are more fuel efficient or the packaging in which we buy our food. Plastics have played a growing role in medical devices and prosthetics. Plastics are also used for improved construction materials, consumer products, pharmaceutical packaging and recreational products. Plastics are quickly becoming a more prominent part of public facilities that include football fields and hockey rinks.

The ATDP technical staff has expertise in polymer manufacturing, technical service, plastic engineering and polymer sciences. ATDP also conducts polymer product research and development. ATDP specializes in the evaluation of product performances. ATDP has worldwide expertise developed from working at manufacturing locations in Europe, Asia, North and South America. ATDP understands how to implement European and Asian technology into the American market. This specialized knowledge and expertise are needed to make a positive difference in polymer products marketing.

ATDP focuses on the fact that people make the difference. Nothing is impossible. ATDP tries new ways and methods until success is realized.

ATDP partners with our customers to design the appropriate products that will meet customer product requirements through field performance evaluations. This results in improved product quality, but also results in cost savings. ATDP has extensive experience in identifying the most effective means of reducing costs before beginning on any project.

ATDP’s technical service staff understands how polymer morphology and formulations affect performance during the application. Our technical service professionals understand how to combine knowledge of polymer chemistry and polymer engineering to optimize customer equipment and monitor the desired physical properties, such as toughness vs. stiffness on a final plastic part. ATDP is also experienced in controlling different polymer behaviors such as shear, stress, crystallization and polymer shrinkage that is produced on the customer's processing equipment. The variability of the customer’s specific equipment is also a large factor in the control of polymer behaviors.

Our customer success is our success. ATDP focuses on avoiding over-designed polymer products that always result in higher costs to the customer. Cost savings for the customer is our goal. ATDP's knowledge of polymer morphology, chemical and physical properties analyses of polymer products and how these properties relate to the manufactured plastic part has been the impetus for many new products. ATDP’s detailed knowledge has allowed development of the appropriate polymer quality specifications and ranges that are in accordance with the desired plastic part performance.

Our patented and proprietary polymer products are manufactured in our plant located in Houston. ATDP’s polymer products are monitored closely to assure high quality and the desired physical properties according to the customer's needs. These patented polymer products assures production of plastic parts that meet performance criteria and insure customer satisfaction.

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