Plastic Compounding:

Our diversified technical staff has expertise in the polymer industries. Our staff experiences have also extensively worked with polymer manufacturers located in Europe, South America and Asia. This diversity of polymer engineering and polymer research experiences allows ATDP to be innovative, creative and have a deep understanding about the applications of different polymer technologies to current market demands.

ATDP partners with product development engineers, scientists, regulatory agencies and suppliers of raw materials and equipment to deliver a cost-effective product, to meet environmental standards, deliver excellent field performance, assure high quality and assures an efficient process for polymer products.

ATDP’s focus is the resolution of scientific problems that hinder profits within the plastic industry. This focus results in improvements in different polymer materials in accordance with the applications. ATDP also specializes in recycling incompatible plastics materials. These challenges are accomplished through innovative technology, creativity.

ATDP understands that each plastic part design has a set of unique specifications and demands that are required during the products field performances. ATDP develops the appropriate polymer by conducting an analysis of the product design and evaluation of the application specifications, processes and testing results.

ATDP’s philosophy is to improve polymers and resolve technical problems through the understanding of polymer morphology and formulation as it relates to the required physical and chemical properties that are in accordance with the specific application. These improvements and problem resolutions assure a successful product performance.

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